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LOVE & RESPECT to ALL who Visit here!
Thank you for your interest, encouragement and support.  In the past 10+ years - I have regularly had people ask me "How can I Help"? 
Well, I could use YOUR help & I'm excited to share some fun and practical ways you can partner with me on this great adventure!  My new music project "GIDDY UP!!" along with it's accompanying T-Shirts, Stickers & such are NOW AVAILABLE!!! These 14 songs represent My Heart, Purpose, Hope, Experiences, Growth, Joy & Hard Work.  I'm excited!!
(***Important***).....Please read more about this "GIDDY UP!!" CD and it's content / creation underneath the "Cowboy Hat / Pool Table" photo below. *** (Please read) ***

Now....Friends, here's the deal.......
First, THANK YOU for supporting my music career and live performances.  I am fortunate to do what I love for a living......I realize that deeply.  I never chose to be a life-long performer.....the music chose me. Thank You for past and continued support!
Ca Caw!!

Secondly, THANK YOU for your sincere friendship and LOVE!  Many, many people reading this have "Loved-On", Supported and Encouraged me and my family for a beautifully long time. Like so many of you, our family has dealt with serious health, insurance, finance, and personal loss issues. We would not be on solid and loving ground now had it not been for God Almighty and your love and support. 
Thank You & "Meow".

Lastly, in my humble opinion, the most exciting part of this shared journey is upon us now.  I respectfully ask you to carefully ponder the information on this Website and consider partnering with me on this adventure!  If you're able and willing........It shall be a road wrought with Fun, Favor & Purpose!
Thank You again & "GIDDY UP!!".
Jay Memory
How can you help?
Well.....Here are some "Obvious" & "Not So Obvious" ways you can partner with me and many other incredible friends in this endeavor.........

A) If you are financially able, feel honestly led and/or have been sincerely called to do so......please contact me at jay@jaymemory.com or text/call 404-401-0437 to discuss your level of gifting / financial support / investment / Sponsorship and the specific needs of this unique mission. Thank you for your consideration.

B) Book me to perform for your Neighborhood Pool, Church function, Company Party, Backyard Shindig, Block Party, Birthday, Special Occasion or Annual Throw-Down Hootenanny!  I regularly perform all of those types of parties / events....but, I need your help to step-up my game to the next level of "Memorable" entertainment options. I'm "up for"  & "absolutely prepared" for these and most any other performance opportunities. Let's do this - Together. Help the cause....the energy.....the momentum! Giddy Up!!
Booking - jay@jaymemory.com or 404-401-0437

C) Help me find, contact and illuminate small and medium sized "AWESOME COMPANIES" and/or consider "your own great Company" in becoming an ANNUAL SPONSOR.  Join Zaxby's (2 East Cobb Locations) as annual sponsors that will receive serious exposure, intentional highlight and sincere thanks on this website - and - year-long "promotion & thanks" at my performances. (All for the price of sponsoring a little-league team.)  Sponsors needed........only a limited number of High-Quality companies that I personally support and love are available to join the adventure. Contact - jay@jaymemory.com or 404-401-0437

D) Purchase, Gift and Share (Legally) Jay Memory "Giddy Up" CDs, "Giddy Up" T-Shirts & Stickers, "Ca Caw" T-Shirts & Stickers, "MEOW" T-Shirts & Stickers. (PLEASE POST YOUR POSITIVE REMARKS & REVIEWS ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER.) (PLEASE CONSIDER WEARING GIDDY UP SHIRTS & DRESSING UP YOUR VEHICLE WITH A GIDDY UP - Ca CAW or MEOW STICKER) ;-)
Available wherever I happen to be. (Exclusively). :-)

E) Spread The Love!!!!  Please consider using telephones, texts, emails, FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram, Human conversation and snail-mail to spread "Good vibes" about this project, its purpose and people gelling initiative. My entire career has always been about positive word-of-mouth Love and Support. Thank you in advance for helping support this project on-line with the right encouraging tone and the right people. I really could use your help promoting this love.

F) Please.....if you are musically obsessed and inclined.....consider learning the 14 songs on "Giddy Up"!!!!!
This CD is completely live and is crying-out for live accompaniment at shows. Please listen & learn some harmonies, shaker / tambourine rhythms, Bass lines, Guitar solos/parts, clapping parts, "Giddy Ups", "Ca Caws" and "Meows"............in theory......I can be convinced over the next few years to have "many" live guest performers at any and / or every future gig. I'm game if you are!!!  What can you add?  I sincerely invite you to join in the fun! The ADVENTURE!!!

G) Professional Musicians and Semi/Pro Musicians - This CD is SIMPLE. It is me Singing, playing Guitar & playing drums all in one take, "live to tape"...........It is begging for you to "throw it into your system" and ADD whatever you see fit. This can and should turn into a "2nd life" for these songs. Friends....fellow musicians.......try and "out-do" each other's creativity and talent! Please post your clean and authentic re-mixes / recordings on YouTube with the words "Jay Memory Giddy Up" in the title. Let's do this.......I'm 100% certain that some incredible re-mixes and full sounding rockin' versions are likely and welcome. Who will be the 1st brave soul to offer their YOUTUBE contribution to this adventure???? Please participate....this could be SUPER-COOL!!!!

H) Pray that this Project, it's contents & ultimate reach be a fruitful testament, to God's glory.

The ABOVE photo is telling. It is a snap-shot of the "Giddy Up" environment. This photo is what you're hearing on the "Giddy Up" CD.
For 5 days in late May 2014.....with the blessing of my beautiful wife & daughter.....I traveled to my Uncle Bryan and Aunt Cindy's home in Elberton, Ga. My Uncle has built a free-standing building (aptly named "Memory Lane") that serves as a fun game room / heirloom museum / retreat for his/my large loving family. I have often gone there to "get away" - "Be Still" and Create.......The first 3 days - I "Un-Wound", paid bills on-line, watched the Braves and visited with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, my certifiably amazing Grand-Mother (next door) and my hero / mentor / Grand-Father at his graveside (A great man of God). I was, in a word, peaceful. Musically, I was unproductive. Then, on the 4th day, a heatwave moved in........and as I was attempting (My goal) to record "AUDIO".....I could not run AC or fans that emitted too much acoustical noise for a professional recording.........I began to sweat.....a lot....and it was GOOD!!!
That afternoon of the 4th day, my Aunt and Uncle, in casual conversation, told me of their recent visit to Amicalola Falls. They recalled seeing rusted out vehicles in the woods that were used for running moonshine "back-in the-day". They also told me of their visit to the "Moonshine Museum" there in that town.  Well.......I immediately thought & remarked, "There's a song somewhere in all that mess". In the evening of that 4th day I wrote the music and lyrics for track number 2 of Giddy Up. (The version you hear was recorded the next day.....about 15hrs after hearing those moonshine stories.) That was just the sweaty and creative spark I needed. (By the way....Track number 2 "Corn Liquor" - it's fictional! I do not have Moonshine runners in my family tree.....at least none that I'm aware of, anyway.)

On day 5, the final day.......I awoke to the heatwave and a fire in my creative gut. I recorded all of what you hear on "Giddy Up" in approximately 12 sweaty hours on that 5th and final day in Elberton. 
I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT for YOU - the listener - to fully and truly understand what this RECORDING 'IS" and what this RECORDING "IS NOT"............
The 14 songs on "Giddy Up" are......... Me performing live into a small stereo Sony field recorder. There are ZERO "Overdubs", there are ZERO "Fixes", there is ZERO "Multi-tracking", there is ZERO "vocal help", There are ZERO "edits", etc, etc.......
What you hear is EXACTLY how I played it in that beautifully sweaty room. I say all this to make certain that YOU - the listener - understands that in 2014......almost everything you normally hear in musical recordings is "Processed", "Fixed", "Multi-tracked", "Re-Done", "Mega-Produced", "Manipulated" and "Polished" to the point of PERFECTION.....or.....RUIN.....depending on your tastes.  So, please do not compare this project to your favorite "Mainstream" CD......it would be like comparing a '68 Ford Bronco Beach Cruiser to a Hybrid Prius. Not fair. ;-)

So, in a nut-shell, I'm proud of this [giddy up] Bronco......It's got it's rust and warts but, it feels more AUTHENTIC & practical at my beach.

Please do not mistake my pride in this odd-ball project with "cockiness" or "condescending pomp".
I'm just a simple dude with a simple new CD that I feel has a purpose much bigger than me.

There are a few important people in my life that were VERY instrumental in helping me create this CD.......... Thank You.......
~ GOD    ~    I am saved & safe.  All Glory unto YOU!!!!!
~ My Wife & Daughter (Not always that easy living with an un-apologetic dreamer)
~ My Mom - She's my Mom & she's awesome.
~ My Aunt & Uncle - Bryan & Cindy Dixon for letting me be a freaky hermit in their personal space in Elberton, Ga.. And for the moonshine story. Thank You
~ John Adams (Executive Producer) - My Brother and Friend in Atlanta that stepped-up with the support and backing I needed to move forward. Thank You.
~ Trevor Wishman ( Pre-Production Producer)  Trevor not only treats me like family when I perform in Naples every winter, he provides me shelter, good times and THE MOST HONEST ASSESSMENT of new and proposed music and lyrics that a writer could ever ask for. Trevor. God Bless you & thanks for your brutal honesty.....it's a rare & appreciated gift. Giddy Up!!
~ Marc & Megan Miller - For opening up S.W. Florida to my traveling roadshow. Thanks.
~ Rex Taylor (Business Management) Rex is my next door neighbor that helps me sort through the 5 million directional choices I face on a daily basis as a self-employed musician. We solve the world's problems in our front yards over a few Leinenkugel "Summer Shandys". Thanks for everything, Rex.
~ Greg Dixon - My Uncle, Mentor, supporter & Friend. Thanks for investing in me. I Love you.
~ Ian & Gina Lundberg for their years of love and support. Thank You.
~ Dave Edmonson for your life-coaching-theological-friendship, support and Brotherly love that sharpens me regularly. Thanks.
~ Bubba Rainwater - a Teacher / Pastor friend for the opportunities you give me to lead worship and for always being ready and willing 
to help me tackle my deepest and most profound theological questions and revelations. Thanks, Brother.
~ Steve Rawls (Real 2 Reel Studios) Responsible for the awesome CD and T-Shirt / Sticker Art. Also, helped me order the physical CDs from the plant. Thank You, Brother!
~ David Leonard (Reveal Audio) - Mastered the CD. Thanks for your talent, professionalism & awesome gear!
~ Joey Gentry - for teaching me to be confidently fearless in my business and craft. Phi Phi, Brother for life.
~ David Duan - for being transparent, authentic and honest in this crazy world. Love you, Brother.
~ Brad McBrayer - for being a trusted & humble Godly Brother.
~ the many People, Churches, Organizations, Charities, Bars, Restaurants, Neighborhoods and Companies that have provided me work, income, opportunity, exposure, fun, support & love......Thank You!!! (Way too many to list here) THANK YOU!!!
~ My friends, family and neighbors that always know just how to keep me sane, grounded, hungry, humble and low-maintenance.


What you're hearing on "Giddy UP"

Jay Vocal - every word, add-lib, breath, grunt, Giddy Up & Boom-Boom (in real-time for better or worse) (Shure Beta 57)

"Tom Anderson" "Crowdster Plus" Guitar - 
Acoustic side through a Roland Cube 80XL > Mic'd (Sennheiser e609) into the board. 
Electric side through a Digitech GSP1101 > GK Amp > Orange 2X12 Cab > Mic'd (Shure 57) into the board.

20" "Premier" Bass Drum (Wood Beater) > Mic'd (Audix) into the mixing Board. (Played with Right Foot)

Popcorn Snare with "Blast-Stick" for the beater > Mic'd (Shure 57) into the Board. (Played with Left Foot)

Yamaha Small format mixing board > Sony Pcm D-50 Field Recorder

Giddy Up!!